Life begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone
By Adela Strakova
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Born in a little landlocked European country, Adela’s passion for foreign cultures began as she traveled the world dancing, volunteering, and studying.

Following her interests, she continued working with multinational teams, embassies and high commissions in China, Taiwan, and Slovakia. Focusing on the facilitation of intercultural relations, she gained over six years of public service experience in foreign missions.

Her adventurous spirit, care for diversity, social inclusion, and a natural thirst for making a positive difference brought her to India, where she co-founded Chezuba, a Hyderabad based multinational startup in 2017.

Adela has done what no service-based company has managed to do: innovating technology to create a global bridge between volunteers and their target NGOs. This has revolutionized the NGO sector by providing it with funding by governments, professional organizations, and even the infinitesimally small contributions of lone volunteers.

Her opportunity to do the same came in the form of a friend who wanted to run a similar organization. Her sudden rise to the entrepreneurial forefront as the Chief Experience Officer (CXO) at Chezuba has been built on the foundations of a childhood dream, a kind heart, and the generosity to give back to society.

Her outreaches have alleviated the condition of several sections of society in East Asia and Africa, by funding NGOs, structuring their work ethics, and giving willing volunteers around the world a chance to accomplish their dreams of helping those less fortunate than themselves. The driving force behind global NGO and volunteer logistics technology, co-founder of one of the most innovative startups in India. her success is based of the philosophy "Help is always present. It is for us to decide how the needy obtain it".