YNA – Your Next Adventure

A 3 month, Inside-Out and tailor-made personal and professional coaching intensive to quit drifting, get unstuck, and KNOW (finally) what you’re supposed to do next.

Because enough is enough…

ALL you need to move forward in life is answers to very simple questions

Who am I at this moment in my life? Who do I want to be? What do I want? What am I meant to do now? What am I good at? Why am I unmotivated when all I crave is change?

But when you dig into these questions alone, you get nowhere, which is increasingly frustrating. 

You want to UNDERSTAND what makes you tick these days. You want to be clear on your priorities, so you can focus on what matters. You want to have the confidence to rely on your internal compass, but you can’t seem to permanently overpower the self-doubt, imposter syndrome, and fear that accommodates your desire for more.

And one part of you feels real change is possible – you’ve grown before in your life and you’d love the thrill of growing again. But reinvention seems harder this time because of work or family or maturity which has you believing that “reinvention” is for the young.

And though the pain of being stuck has a variety of causes and symptoms – Can’ts, Shoulds, Limiting Beliefs, Limiting Decisions, Fear, Sadness, Anger, Guilt, Shameconsider yourself lucky to be so discontent.

And regardless of whether you feel too old (or too young), you want to make better choices but your past mistakes make it hard to trust yourself. Not to mention, the stakes feel higher this time. 

And it’s not like you haven’t tried to implement a plan before despite these thoughts – but when you lack conviction that you’re doing the right thing, and no one else is hearing or supporting you, new habits (and the momentary delight of a new self-help book) die before they truly begin. 

Because Discontent is Creativity --

that’s begging to be fully known and taken seriously.

So how do you solve the problem of not knowing who you are and what you want?

The same way every great problem is solved — you start asking really good fucking questions.

And once you have your answers — You can finally LET GO of the rigid ideas that confine you to one spot.

And brace yourself for Epiphany.

This is what we do in the Your Next Adventure Program – a 3 month one-on-one, question-driven, coaching intensive that focuses on WHO you are, WHAT you need to let go of to have clarity, and WHAT you want now, so you stop wasting time stressing about next steps and start taking them.

So how does it work?

Each client I take on has a different set of circumstances, so this is a highly personalized, tailored-to-you experience based on individual goals and needs.

The initial intake interview is complementary and takes 50 mins – it’s a conversation that leaves you with no obligation to buy, and will determine if we’re a good fit AND prep you for your next course of action (with me or otherwise), and allow you to sample the possibilities of what intensive coaching can mean for your future and your life. 

Here’s the backbone of what’s included in our Three Months together:

The result when we’re done is that you KNOW YOURSELF. You know what you want (and no longer want). You know what you need to do to get it. And you know how YOU can make it happen. 

Remember -

you haven’t learned everything you’ve learned in life to sit uninspired, untapped, or overworked.

We’re FAR more powerful when we know WHO we are and what we have to do next.

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J. Amar – UK
Being an expat in London for almost 15 years, I discovered Julien thanks to an advertisement on French Morning London and we started working together in July 2021. I had been going through a difficult period for some time with significant anxiety concerns, mainly related to my professional situation. I therefore wanted to take stock of my personal and especially professional situation in order to make changes that would allow me to feel better and have more confidence to move forward and succeed in my future projects. Julien really helped me in this process, thanks to his very structured and also very personalised coaching program, with regular follow-up every week and incredible and motivating support! Its program is very rich in tools, references and methods, such as Time Line Therapy, to learn to let go of negative thoughts and limiting beliefs, as well as to get to know yourself better in order to achieve your goals in accordance with your own values. This has been very beneficial for me, already on the right path to change and success and I will continue to draw on these resources to move forward in life, with motivation and determination ... I therefore recommend Julien's coaching without hesitation to anyone wishing to take stock of their current life and make significant changes, whether in the personal or professional field. His good humour, his availability and benevolence, his pragmatism, his immense knowledge, his international experience, and his always very relevant advice, make him a super complete coach who will be able to guide you and accompany you in your personal adventure. Anything is possible and don't take yourself too seriously! (rule number 6, thanks coach for the reference)!
Julien Amar
Senior Delivery Lead Europe @ Nokia
UK - London
October 2021
Soraya – EN
I stumbled upon Julien by chance while reading the testimony of one of his clients. Very quickly, he felt my distress because of a complicated professional context, among other things. And we wanted to work together to redefine my career and life goals. In addition to his effective methodology and the NLP program, Julien sweeps all aspects of your life and allows you to question yourself, ask yourself the right questions and overcome your fears. Hyper available and attentive, he is full of kindness to help you redraw the itinerary of Your life and he accompanies you until you Dare to take the right path.
Soraya Ringenbach
Commercial Director @ A. Ducasse
(Spain - Barcelona)
September 2021
Sybil – EN
The archaeologist and the gold miner have one thing in common with Julien Fortuit, an inexhaustible desire to unearth buried treasures. Julien, both thanks to his great listening skills and his insight, gave me what I was looking for, clarity. His stubborn empathy serves one purpose, which is to put you back in the centre of your life and take action. Because Julien will not get you some slack: he will push you to progress until your path is structured, becomes obvious and you are ready to embark on it! His coaching is dense and is based on writing and personal reflection, ensuring substantive work as well as lasting because it is materialized. Based on solid tools - TimeLine Therapy - exercises as inventive as they are formidably effective - the Mirror-, Julien boosts your confidence by decoding your Strengths and Values. Because that is what Julien, thanks to his energy and his abundant literary recommendations, manages to give you: your greatest treasure, yourself.
Sybil Willemet
WW CRM & Clienteling Manager @ Alexander McQueen
(UK - London)
July 2021
Megan – EN
When I initially started working with Julien to launch my niche business, I was not expecting that other areas of my life would benefit as well. My corporate job that I used to utterly detest (hence, why I wanted to start my own business) is now more tolerable. I am able to shake off the stress from a bad corporate workday and not allow it to overrun my personal life. My time is prioritized better and I have more time to do more of what's important to me. And, (most surprisingly) my insomnia is gone. Julien's coaching, methods and expertise are exactly what I needed to make a big career change, to be more confident and to live a more fulfilled life.
Global Consumer Marketing @ Mastercar.d
(USA - San Francisco)
June 2021
Maryke – EN
I started working with Julien in 2020 after uprooting to a new country and then of course Covid hit. Life threw a few punches and I felt lost. When I started my first session with him, I thought I had everything under control, but then as we continued with our sessions, Julien’s methods unveiled the truth, and quickly realized that I was not coping and was not on the right track. There was a lot of things that I had to let go of in order for me to open up space and find the mental capacity needed to make necessary changes in my life. Through the coaching, I now clearly understand my values, my strengths and blind spots, and know when I am working in a conflicting environment. This ultimately means I have the knowledge and tools needed to make my next career decision, which I am currently exploring. I now have a much clearer vision of myself, have regained my confidence and look forward to taking the next leap. Julien did all of this for me in my own pace and time, even if it meant spending 2 hours on a Sunday morning listening to me cry!
Maryke Van Lill
Business Leader @Ogilvy Namibia
(Namibia - Windhoek)
May 2021
Cynthia Rodriguez – EN
Putting myself back at the center of my life, dare to explore and reveal my deep desires, my emotions and my ambitions to live a life in harmony with who I am. Following a difficult professional experience that plunged me into my deepest insecurities and made me question my career choices, my abilities and to face the ultimate questions "who am I?", "what do I want in my life? ", one-on-one coaching seemed to be the best option for me to explore and release the thousands of incessant thoughts that swirled around my head, put words into how I feel, and discover who I really am. What a joy to have trusted my instincts and worked with Julien! With kindness and subtility, Julien was able to guide me in my reflections. He gave me deep support and special attention to fully understand my in depth-thoughts and my needs. During each session, I was eager and excited to make new discoveries about myself, learn, understand myself and find practical tools to move forward. Julien was able to push me to my limits, gently and firmly, unveil my blockages and my limiting beliefs, and get involved in exploring my personality in all aspects of my life, without limits. Through his dynamic and fun personality, his sharing of personal and external experiences, inspiring reading recommendations and perfectly aligned with the reflections of the moment as well as his range of tools specific to coaching, Julien did not simply bring me ideas. the clarity in my life, his teachings and his valuable advice marked a fundamental change in my life. I have the feeling that I am relearning to live. A life that is mine, listening to my needs, my feelings and my instincts. What a joy to discover that there is an endless field of possibilities to explore in order to afford a life aligned with your values and desires! Finally, I particularly appreciated his excellent memory to remind me of the positive experiences I have had, each small victory and the lessons of our coaching to get me back on the right track in times of doubt and regain motivation. I would like to thank Julien very much for supporting me over the past few months in my personal development and I am happy to be able to count on him in the future. I highly recommend the "Inside-Out" coaching with Julien, it has been by far the best investment I have made in the last 27 years!
Cynthia Rodriguez
(Switzerland -Geneva)
May 2021
S Haywood Coaching EN
Having started Julien’s “Your Next Adventure” programme” from a rather confused, even overwhelmed place with a big life transition ahead of me, I was impressed when after just a few sessions I felt calmer, more confident, and back in the driving seat of my life. Together we identified key themes that were blockers across most areas of my life and started addressing them, sometimes surprisingly easily. Soon I noticed some subtle shifts in my behaviour and mindset : being more assertive and confident, taking action more readily, and beginning to evaluate possible actions through the lens of my values and priorities more systematically. It is easy to see the huge potential that ingraining these new habits could have on my life. Having now completed the programme, I feel that I know myself a lot better, I feel stronger and I have a clear view of my short and long term life objectives, something that had been eluding me for a while. All coaches have their individual style. Sessions with Julien, despite the robust framework behind them, feel very informal. He is very flexible and will go where you want to go. Our discussions are always stimulating, fun and energizing. Julien is straight talking (that’s part of the fun!) and with deep kindness. He has gone through a massive life transition himself in the last 5 years and really speaks from experience. He is extremely curious and always looking to deepen his knowledge of human nature, and how to harness the powers we all have. As a result, in addition to the coaching sessions, he will often recommend relevant and inspiring reading and talks. He truly cares about his clients and is very generous with his time. I wholeheartedly recommend Julien to anyone looking to make meaningful changes to their life. With Julien’s help, you will get there. It will be hard work and also a thoroughly enjoyable process.
Stéphanie Haywood
Big Bloom - UK Co-Leader
(UK - London)
April 2021
Walentyna – GB
I turned to Julien because after moving to Panama and having 2 children, I decided to change my profession. After a few sessions, I received much more than I expected, I not only found out what exactly I wanted to do but I also got to know myself better. I discovered my values and skills, I learned what was important to me and why, I let go of many negative emotions and limiting beliefs, I regained balance in my life. Julien stands out as a professional thanks to his experience, personality, knowledge and incredible dedication. He is very efficient. Therefore, I recommend Julien to anyone who is considering using the services of a coach. It is really worth it. I assure you that your life will change for the better.
Walentyna de Saint-Exupery
(Panama - Panama City)
February 2021
Gideon – EN
It feels as if Julien has awakened a long-dormant part of me. Of whom I am and always were – but somehow forgot along the way of becoming an ‘adult’. His teachings and guidance have been an invaluable part of my growth to become a better businessman and creative. I now feel that I have clarity: of who I am and of my path forward - the mist has finally been lifted. This journey of self-discovery and personal goalsetting has empowered me greatly and I can now face the future with confidence and direction. If you are stuck in a rut as I was, personally and professionally, then this is the start of something great. Invest in yourself and take this journey with Julien, you will not look back!
Gideon Van Lill
Creative Director & Owner @Lill Creative
(Namibia - Windhoek)
February 2021
Elise Perl – GB
Julien brought me clarity on a situation that seemed blocked to me. Thanks to many tools and a benevolent listening as well as his experience, I was able to gain height and initiate personal changes. I am extremely grateful to him for his commitment.
Elise Perl
Member Engagement Lead (Market leadership Team AEMEA) @ RICS
(Belgium - Brussels)
February 2021
Aurelie Charney EN
"A real coach, who adapts to my needs and my pace, very involved, for whom the outcome is as important as for me… Fortuitous encounter or synchronicity, I started this coaching with Julien both determined and without knowing what I wanted exactly. And I'm so glad I started this process and done it with him. I recommend 100% to all those who, even more in the current context, may feel lost, want to find, and find how to use certain resources. It’s like a compass when you lose your way. Julien helped me refocus and guides me on this path of discovering myself and my abilities. With kindness and listening skill, always very available, he was perfectly able to find encouraging words when he felt it was necessary, to boost me and give me confidence. Today, after a few weeks, I have, thanks to the work done together, found THE job and I am super happy: I still can't really believe it, things have happened in such a way that even in my dreams the craziest I had not imagined when I started this coaching. As if being able to identify what I wanted professionally and formulate it had led the universe to send me this job! I still have other goals that I want to work on, and it is clear that it is with Julien's help that I will continue and succeed;) Thank you again for everything!"
Aurélie Charnay
Head of Internal Audit @Sabadell Asset Management AMUNDI
(Spain - Barcelona)
February 2021
Elisabeth Bykoff – EN
"As I am reaching my one-year anniversary of having met Julien and started working with him, I have time to reflect on the work we did together during a difficult year as well as the work I most likely still need. Having found myself without a job in early 2020, I decided to use this new-founded time in myself. Keep in mind I had already worked with executive coaches in the past but always on communication style, never on what was keeping me back nor my values or what I really wanted to accomplish. Julien brought a completely different approach and, despite all the homework he had me do, I was able to discover or re-discover what drives me, what motivates me and confirm what I am passionate about. It brought clarity to my job search, help me avoid making potentially poor career decisions as well as focus me on specific goals for the next 12 months. As any eager student, I had come up with a laundry list of goals that was humanely not possible to achieve within a year but with all the work I had done with Julien, I was able to come to that conclusion by myself and, admittedly, so in one of our sessions. Julien has his way of not letting me deceive myself as well as support me on all fronts. I have more than enjoyed our coaching time together and hope we continue working together to reach new personal heights."
Elisabeth Bykoff
Vice President, Global Alliances & Partnerships @Agiloft, Inc.
(USA - Austin, TX)
January 2021
Eléa Petit – EN
"Julien is your ally in the path you have decided to take to find clarity and to put YOURSELF back at the center of your life. He invests himself at your side, without judgments and knowing how to challenge you, so that you learn to invest yourself fully in your daily life and in your objectives. I am happy to have been able to seize the opportunity of this coaching. I gave myself a wonderful gift to better understand who I wanted to be and what I wanted to build today. It was an essential meeting in my week in the form of formative and liberating discussions. Julien is a very human and caring person, who helps you to become the sole creator of your life again."
Eléa Petit
Head of Project management @Full Jet
(Shanghai – China)
January 2021
Sébastien Vautier – EN
“Julien has this unique skill to easily find your self-limiting beliefs and remove these unnecessary fears most of us have to free your mind and let you express your full potential.”
Sébastien Vautier
Global Category Manager Indirect Spend (Capex & Opex) @SGS
(Spain - Madrid)
December 2020
Dunia AlBesharah – EN
“When I was first introduced to Julien Fortuit through a friend of mine, I firmly stated that I wanted to only work on finding a career because it was something I have always wanted and discussed with friends but never really achieved. I didn’t realize that the patterns that affected my professional life were the exact same patterns affecting other aspects of my personal life. I was truly given the gift of improving all aspects of my life. I can't thank Julien enough for the wonderful insights and the work that we are doing together.”
Dunia AlBesharah
Managing Director of a Private Wealth @Noor Aleyah LLC.
(Kuwait - Kuwait City)
November 2020
G Cardenas EN
"His leitmotif "what if it was easy?". Julien accompanies me and guides me in my quest for the ME. Reveal who I am and set my priorities. He is an accelerator of clarity and vision of my future. He works on all aspects that are a part of personal and professional life to reveal my potential and let go of my limiting beliefs by cultivating positive communication. He is the ideal companion for this initiatory journey on my values, my needs, and my desires. Julien never ceases to bring new, different, and relevant tools with a pragmatic vision of coaching. He is also very results-oriented. He respects my pace while pushing my limits. Julien is a dynamic, pragmatic, benevolent, and generous coach. I highly recommend Julien for his method and his personality."
Gaëlle Cardenas
Retail Director @Longchamp
(Spain - Madrid)
October 2020
" Coaching was on my TO DO list for some time, without knowing exactly how I wanted to approach it… there is as much coaching as there are coaches and coachees: the formula is not easy. Then, like a click, the confinement was conducive to this human adventure, an atypical parenthesis. How can you imagine building your future in the midst of a health crisis? This is Julien's recipe: a mix of ingredients that bring together a certified NLP & TLT methodology, his professional experience strongly inspired by luxury codes, his benevolence and his pragmatic non-judgmental approach. Of course, the batteries are recharged, and the course is clear, and above all, as if by magic, the work initiated by Julien allows to take the time to discover and reflect on ourselves. An invaluable gift when we have several hats, when our mental load does not often allow us to have a magic wand to "pause". With Julien, you treat yourself to a well-deserved, enriching break that gives you the energy to move forward! "
Stéphanie Aubry
Retail Business Development Manager @ Piaget
(Switzerland - Geneva)
September 2020
V Glantz – EN
"I started a coaching job with Julien in the middle of a period of confinement and at a time of returning from expatriation precipitated by a major health crisis. The need to take stock and understand “in which directions” I was going and “how” were therefore primordial. Despite children at home and a busy job in full confinement, my appointments with Julien were 'not to be missed' because they did me good. His approach centred on the 'SELF' and the tools allowing us to verbalise who we are through our values, our thought systems and therefore our priorities are extremely effective when we have to solve more factual and practical problems related to our professional and personal situation. These are keys to reading and understanding, but also to decision-making. This is why I recommend Julien as a life coach because as I learned it so well and very quickly with him, there is no professional and personal life; we only have one LIFE.”
Victoria Glantz
Senior Partner, Clients Development & Operations @Full Jet
(China – Shanghai)
September 2020
Jeanne Guillet – EN
“Hello, I met Julien via the French Founders network, we started this coaching 4 months ago in order to help me clarify my desires for my second half of professional life in a context of long expatriation in Asia. Julien first helped me to better understand where I come from and where I am through an exciting work that I had never taken the time to do on my values, my needs, and my desires. With a lot of generosity and intelligence, by accompanying the coaching sessions with personalized and enriching readings. It is a demanding work, which requires time and sincerity, and which is very exciting. You will be lucky to be able to do this with Julien as a compass/facilitator.”
Jeanne Guillet
CEO Asia & Japan @Pierre Marcolini
(China - Shanghai)
July 2020
Inna Bondarenko EN
"Julien has a great way of making a person feel heard, as he has a very engaging and empathetic coaching style. He gave me the tools to get clarity and structure all the important inputs as a foundation to consciously move forward. Julien helped me to get a fresh perspective and identify what motivates me and brings energy and what are the blockers to realise my full potential. He also brings substantial knowledge and experience of the corporate world and experience of working in different geographical markets. I would definitely recommend working with Julien to those who are keen to get clarity and motivation to move forward and broaden career horizons."
Inna Bondarenko
Ventures Studio Lead @Deloitte
(UK - London)
June 2020
Aïssetou Wague
“A coach who listens and is involved in your professional and personal development. I got to know Julien thanks to LinkedIn and when I decided to work with him, the most important thing for me was to get to know myself better in order to know where to go in my career. Our work together was very beneficial, as I was able to clearly identify my strengths, values, and skills. This will help me in my job search because I can more easily select the offers that suit me and sell me better during interviews. I recommend coaching with Julien because he is a caring person, attentive, and who really helps to know yourself better in order to move forward in his life. Thank you again for your help."
Aïssetou Wague
Customer Support Coordinator @Tereos
(France – Paris)
May 2020
Swadi Doshi
“I had the pleasure of meeting Julien Fortuit through Seth Godin’s Creatives Workshop. While our relationship began as peers in a group focused on Human Potential, it transformed into one where I benefited from Julien’s generosity in coaching me. Given Julien’s NLP Master Practicioner certification and that I’ve experienced his coaching methodology and caring nature first-hand, it has felt like a gift when I’ve recommended his service to my colleagues who work in luxury goods and now to you. By working with Julien, you’ll not only have a caring partner on your growth journey, but you’ll also have fun learning from someone who has excellent taste!”
Swadi Doshi
Founder and Managing Director @Human Results
(USA – New York)
May 2020
Clara Bousquet
"To be honest, I didn't necessarily have concrete expectations before this work. I even thought that I was "without any problems" or that I did not need to be accompanied since I "thought" to be ok on everything. Finally, we realize with Julien and his coaching, that we really need to know ourself. A work necessary to clarify our ideas, thoughts, understand our behaviours, determine our objectives and find the relevant and quick ways to reach them. This work - although it is extremely intense and disturbing - becomes VITAL the instant it begins. And this, at any age, and at any time in our life. It doesn't take a trigger to do this work on you. Coaching, in my opinion, is simply a gift from you, to yourself. I'm 24 years old and I just gave myself a wonderful gift: saving myself a lot, a lot of time. Thank you, Julien, for this very useful mentoring."
Clara Bousquet
Relationship Manager @FrenchFounders
(Spain - Madrid)
May 2020
Marie Dulucq
“There are thousands of coaches: as with yoga, I have the impression that everyone around me begins coaching in their forties. It’s probably fashionable, so I told myself - not for me! And even if, how to find a really good one? Then, during a meeting at French Founders in January 2020, I met Julien Fortuit. His background, his personality, his way of speaking with passion about his various activities, and especially his diagnosis of the world of retail that he knows so well, the importance it gives to the training of sellers, make me want to share more with him. I find myself in his values. We started coaching, a real work on my perception of my life, my job, my desire for change. I quickly gained confidence thanks to him and I appreciate his advice which allows me to work better, to better define my choices, in short, to move forward. There are thousands of retails managers. At a time when I thought I was out of fashion; I can now say that I am good at what I do. I do not do yoga, but Pilates, because I found the best teacher 12 years ago and I cannot do without it. I can now say the same thing about Julien, he is a good coach, and today he is essential to me! "
Marie Dulucq
Retail Operations Manager @Wolford
(Spain – Madrid)
March 2020
Caroline Defieuw
“Julien in my fantastic coach extraordinaire. I started to work with Julien July last year, after being laid off, but really started some intensive work with him this year in January. He has helped me re-organize my priorities and put the right focus on my career path. Via Video-Conference meetings, book recommendations, uplifting-quotes, he's by my side every step of the way. Caring and 100% involved in my success, he's been instrumental in helping me find the better version of me and ace interviews. He's an amazing asset to have. I recommend Julien to anyone who wants to take their career to the next level.”
Caroline Defieuw
Key Account Manager EMEA @Voxbone
(UK - London)
February 2020
Laurence Ania
"Before starting our work my hopes were: 1. To succeed in finding a balance between my professional life and my personal life 2. To gain more self-confidence and learn to manage my stress better What struck me the most was seeing how much Julien invests in his clients. He knows the person in front of him perfectly and knows how to make her express her needs, which she even had not necessarily identified. He is always very attentive and available, present at each stage of work, and especially in times of doubt. Finally, his natural empathy allows him to create a real relationship of trust with his clients, an essential point in coaching work. Our work allowed me to understand that we have all the keys and the answers in ourselves but that we do not know where or how to get it. Julien, therefore, plays the role of the guide, of the one who takes us by the hand to take us to seek our answers within us. I also learned that I had accumulated enough experience to be confident in my choices and my professional decisions. I felt a release as if I got rid of certain weights to move forward more serenely. In 2 words, Julien was a precious help to allow me to mobilize my resources and my skills in order to more calmly reach my professional objectives while respecting my values and priorities."
Laurence Ania
Director, Luxury Client Experience @Legrand & Co
(France – Paris)
December 2019
Victoire Roudault
“Awesome, intriguing, and essential. Personal coaching and the development of my brand have become inseparable, evolving in perfect correlation. … Doing personal development coaching sessions is not as simple as that, you have to know how to push yourself to the limits, you have to be ready to let your unconscious take over your conscious mind and you have to trust yourself first and trust Julien. These sessions have brought me much more than I could imagine. Before that I was ignorant. Clueless about the questions I was asking myself when I was facing me. It is a journey that is not easy, but it turns out to be essential when we want to evolve on healthy foundations and create something that comes from our guts. “Know thyself” this sentence makes sense with Julien’s work. Private coaching and the development of my brand have become indissociable, evolving in perfect correlation.”
Victoire Roudault
Founder & Designer @Maison Initial
(France - Paris)
June 2019