TMC™ - The Missing Curriculum

A 3-month coaching intensive for young adults, ages 17-22 (pre or post college), wanting to be the 3% of their generation who know THEMSELVES - their goals, strengths, preferences, learning/communication style - so they can get their ideal education, make the right decisions, and land the right career.

Because why waste time/money/opportunity waiting to “figuring it out” when it’s possible to know yourself NOW and start on a path you love (and that you’re good at)…while having the adventure of a lifetime.

(P.s., MOST adults wish they had this when they were young.)

I love not wasting my time

Two things happen to young people when they set out on their own:

One, they pick a career path based on advice, bias, pressure, arbitrary metrics, or some romantic notion of a lifestyle they think they want. And years later, after they’ve devoted years and money to that “dream” —— they realize they hate it.

Or two, they aimlessly drift… often for years, if not the rest of their life.

Here’s WHY this is happening:

Young people are given directions, but no compass of their own:
Students want to be smart, accomplished, and worldly – but they’re given little to no instructions on HOW to achieve these qualities in a way that works for them. Advice from parents, friends, or counselors are ultimately biased and based on their past experiences, when the future is unpredictable and ever changing. Plus, a student’s path in life is PERSONAL. Fulfillment is a prize people have to win for themselves.

So while parents encourage one path (because they want the best for their kids - plus it’s their money, and understandably, they don’t want it wasted), friends or idols are saying another, and it’s making overwhelm - and the likelihood of choosing a poor fit - worse.
They’re getting conflicting info about University:
They hear University is the foundation for a better future. But also, they’re hearing University wasn’t worth it; it was boring; everything learned could've been learned on the Internet; people aren’t impressed by the phrase “Harvard Graduate” (or anything like it) anymore; University isn’t worth the time and expense of the label.

PLUS, many students never truly excelled or felt comfortable (let alone, brilliant) in the one-size-fits all learning environments of their past - so why would they be excited about University? How could it be different? (Answer: It would be VERY different and exciting if they actually understood themselves, their learning style, and what they want to do).

Bottom line, if a student wants to be a doctor, medical school is the obvious choice. Students who don’t want to be doctors, well…they have much to consider.
They don’t know what their focus should be:
Even when students think they know their major, they don’t know exactly how to self-guide and hone in on their niche.
The fear of failure is paralyzing:
While parents and guardians are interested in their kid’s security and finances, students have similar concerns, but they’re also interested in their freedom, creativity, and happiness. They want to increase their chances of having all those things. They want to have a purpose. They want to take risks and live an exciting life, but ALSO don’t want to be a fool and gamble with their future, or worse…have to move back home with their parents.

The truth is that a “risk” that aligns with them isn’t a risk at all. It’s just the right choice.
Social media and the news adds to their anxiety and paralysis:
Through the lens of the internet, the world looks very grim - divided political parties, wars, pandemics, global warming, The Great Resignation, etc. This has young people wondering, what’s even possible anymore? Are all businesses terrible? Is it even worth it to try? They need to know how to filter the negativity, regulate their emotions, know their triggers, and have hope that their gifts are likely part of the solution that changes the world for the better.

Adding insult to injury are the rare few who do KNOW what they want to do, which makes it seem like everyone has a calling but them. This compounds the anxiety of not knowing what to do.

People usually get ZERO 1:1 education on “knowing themselves” until they’re full-blown adults in therapy trying to understand why they’re unhappy. Or when they’re enrolled in later-in-life coaching trying, for the first time, to figure out WHO they really are.

One of the biggest pains and sources of anxiety in the developed world is being aimless – not knowing what to do next as the clock keeps ticking. As a society, ignoring this pain is extremely negligent considering that it’s avoidable. Because everyone has an internal compass…it’s just that barely anyone knows how to use it.

What are you good at?

What are your values?

What’s your communication style and how do you use that to your advantage?

What do you love/like?

What could you care less about?

What motivates you and where do you find flow?

How do you learn?

What are your goals?

What’s the best way for you to reach them?

We’re tasking KIDS to know the answer to these fully adult questions (that most adults can’t even answer!). So I propose we train them to do so…



The Missing Curriculum: A 3-month coaching intensive for young adults, ages 17-22 (pre or post college) who want to proactively avoid years of aimless drifting, careers that don’t suit them, and the inevitable regret from either, by instead learning WHO THEY ARE – as well as their goals, strengths, preferences, learning/communication style – so they can get their ideal education, make the right decisions, and land the right career.

  • Your learning style – so learning becomes easier (and more fun).
  • Your communication style – so connecting with others becomes easier (and more meaningful).
  • Your top REAL strengths + blind spots and how they work best together – so you can play them to your advantage – the result is MASSIVE gains in self confidence that people pick up and are drawn to.
  • Your most important values – these help determine what motivates you, what  businesses and people align with you, and enables you to make better choices.
  • Your loves, your likes, your I-could-care-lesses – so you know you’re moving in the right direction.
  • What you don’t want (the easy part) and what you DO want – so goal setting is a synch.
  • What makes you productive, focused, in the flow, and less of a procrastinator – so you can SUCCEED in your goals.
  • Confidence in knowing what makes you come alive.
  • An ability to make better choices because you UNDERSTAND yourself.
  • An ability to set ambitious goals and make a plan for reaching them.
  • An ability to identify limiting beliefs, as well as have the power to set them aside.
  • An ability to filter information from the outside world, so you can avoid getting sidetracked by what isn’t important to you.
  • An ability to turn bad habits into useful rituals you stick to that reprograms your mind.

A personalized Blueprint identifying strengths, values, and communication style, so you have something to refer to, keeping you on track.

  • A mix of widely used and proprietary testing tools.
  • Interview training, so you know exactly what you’re doing in these seemingly high-pressure situations and know how to negotiate.
  • 2 Part Exams Training: How to prepare and how to deal with the stress caused by these exams.
  • Exercises so we can interrogate the person you think you are…and get real answers.
  • A tailored-to-you reading list for personal development and ongoing inspiration.
  • A tailored-to-you list of TedTalks to familiarize yourself with the big ideas people have introduced to the world and the big ideas that light you up.
  • The intensive lasts 3 months, providing ample time to learn, implement, and develop strong habits and practices.
  • We’ll have eight, 50-minute 1:1 Zoom calls (same time, same place every week for the first 5-6 weeks) – where we get tons done and cover a lot of ground each time we meet.
  • Between meetings, students will answer questionnaires/take tests/read or watch materials, so we’re prepared for and get the most out of each meeting.
  • We’ll use WhatsApp or email for between-meetings communication.
  • 30 minute quick-calls are available for breakthrough discussions/epiphanies/interview prep (or just to vent – it’s healthy to blow off steam!).
  • There’s a mix of 1:1 and group workshops available for Universities. Otherwise, all work is 1:1.

This work marks the difference between a young adulthood of uncertainty vs. choosing the right first professional experiences that launch a rewarding career.

I’m ready to know who I am


Counselors have neither the time, training, or structure to guide students in this capacity. And schools do a fine job of filling up the mental “hard drive” with facts, but they’re still MISSING important, personal development curriculum that bridges the gap between school and the real world. This way, students learn more effectively, study what’s useful to them, and work their way through academic and professional systems far more smoothly and with way less angst and misdirection. AND we train a new class of young professionals who’re confident in their choices, love their work, advance in their work, see new opportunities, and expertly weather change.

YES. The Missing Curriculum is available for individuals OR classrooms/schools. The only difference is that some lessons (like goal setting) will be delivered in a workshop format vs. 1:1.

No. You’ll know during our discovery call whether this is a clear YES or or a clear NO? You pay in advance, so you commit yourself to show up, take responsibility, and match my work ethic. We will clear any doubt before we begin. After that, put your head in the game and trust this proven process.

You will, no doubt, know yourself better than when you begin – 100% guaranteed. As for results beyond that – the opportunities that deep self-knowledge creates are astonishing, so watch for them.

Our first free meeting is the perfect space to decide to engage or not. In all my years doing this work, I’ve had only ONE client leave on the second call. ONE! Because she did not understand some of the work we were going to do. And if you do feel the urge to quit, then we talk about the fears, self-sabotage, and limiting beliefs causing you to shut down. Growth is a challenge! Embrace it.

There are 1,440 minutes in a day. 10,080 in a week. Clearly finding a couple of hours (120 minutes) out of 10,080 is possible.

Leaving your “comfort zone” is always overwhelming. That’s the idea, but you’re never alone during this coaching. You can always reach out by email and Whatsapp for help moving through the discomfort/overwhelm/nerves/anxiety/self-doubt.

You will tell everyone they should give it a GO (Not a try. “Do or Do not, there is no try” – Master Yoda). There are 3 answers to a piece of design. NO, YES and Wow … we are aiming for WOW!

I have developed and assembled numerous questionnaires, assignments and tests during this coaching, so obviously you’ll have your results. And between our meetings, you’ll continue to work and read books or/and watch ted talks and interviews. Growth is a practice. The practice helps your brain get used to effort so you can level up, push harder and free yourself of certain limiting beliefs – and get more confidence so you can keep pushing and keep learning. Confidence begets more confidence.

Yes, that’s an option I’ve added due to client demand. The idea is to continue to support and challenge you, not to become your guru! We can meet every 4-6 weeks when there is something you want to solve and you are unable to find the answers on your own. This is session based (not package), and we can discuss it more when the time comes.


Yes. Students as young as 15 who’re super planners and want to know themselves better before choosing their focus in school are welcome. Young adults older than 22 who’ve taken sabbatical from University to work, “clear their head,” or travel are also welcome.

It’s logical and required that the communication between me and the people I coach & mentor remains totally confidential. If a student chooses, we can have a 40-minute feedback discussion with parents to review our discoveries and their coaching benefits. Similarly, if this package was purchased for a school, students can choose to have a 40 minute feedback session with teachers to discuss our discoveries and the benefits of coaching they experienced. We will choose what needs to be addressed (or not) during these sessions  at the end of the program. Ultimately, it’s up the coachee to decide. During this feedback we might bring up some documents / tests to be shared, per their  permission.

If anything goes against the code of ethics of the Federations and Authorities that accredited me, it will be addressed immediately. Same if we see there is a lack of commitment or lack of respect to the coaching & mentoring rules.

These accreditations & certifications guarantee a professional diploma, and ongoing training to practice coaching & mentoring to its higher level: I am an NLP & TLT (TimeLine Therapy™) Master Practitioner and an Accredited & Certified Coach & Mentor with the following organisms: IAPC&M, EMCC, ICF, ACCPH, IITI, ICR, ABNLP & TLTA.

More information on the various ethic policies here.

Please see my homepage for the number of hours spent coaching.

I’m a Forbes Coaches Council Expert Panel Contributor and member.

I’m also ranked as one of the top 21 coaches in London (Influence Digest).

I had the pleasure of working with Julien. I started coaching in October 2023 and I think it was one of the best decisions I made in my life. Currently, I am 17 years old and I am in my final year of high school. Half a year ago I didn't know what exactly I wanted from life and what path I should follow. Currently, fortunately, I know what I want to do in life. Julien helped me open my mind. He guided me towards my strengths and interests. Thanks to that, I chose my life path. I honestly recommend Julien to anyone who is lost in life like me, even if you are young. Julien was patient and understanding (for example, if I didn't understand something, he explained it in other, simpler words). I believe that if you want to change something in your life but you don't know how, coaching with Julien will definitely help you.
Michał Czaczin
Warsaw, Poland
May 2024
I didn’t know where to go with my life and my sister recommended Julien. I was skeptical at first but he didn’t disappoint. Now finishing his coaching program I’m much more confident of what I want to do in life. Thanks to his help I was also able to cut down on some bad habits and generally improve my life. Julien gave me motivation to go through with everything I had planned and allowed me to see things in the bigger picture.
Dawid Czaczin
Aspiring IT professional high school student
Warsaw, Polan
April 2024
Dear Julien, It has been an enlightening and transformative journey that has empowered me to discover my true worth, leverage my strengths, set meaningful goals, and gain a profound understanding of myself. When I enrolled in your course, I had a burning desire to explore my personal growth and find clarity in various aspects of my life. This course surpassed my expectations in every way. Each session was thoughtfully designed, providing a safe and nurturing environment for self-exploration and growth. One of the most impactful aspects of the course was the emphasis on finding my values. This newfound clarity helped me align my choices with my authentic self, resulting in a greater sense of fulfillment and purpose. Another invaluable lesson I learned was recognizing and leveraging my strengths. Your guidance allowed me to identify my unique abilities and talents, and understand how to apply them effectively in different areas of my life. This knowledge has boosted my confidence and empowered me to tackle challenges with a renewed sense of self-assurance. Moreover, your course helped me develop a deeper understanding of myself. Through various self-reflection exercises and thought-provoking discussions, I gained insights into my beliefs, fears, and motivations. This self-awareness has enabled me to make more conscious choices and cultivate healthier habits, both personally and professionally. Overall, the ten-session course has been a life-changing experience for me. Your expertise, compassionate guidance, and genuine care created an environment that fostered growth, self-acceptance, and personal breakthroughs. I cannot thank you enough for the knowledge and tools you shared, which have had a profound impact on my life. To anyone considering Julien‘s self-development course, I wholeheartedly recommend it. Julien‘s unique ability to facilitate deep self-reflection, coupled with his expertise in personal growth, make his course a transformative experience. Whether you are seeking clarity, looking to unlock your potential, or simply want to understand yourself better, this course will provide you with the necessary tools and guidance. Thank you, Julien, for being a remarkable mentor and helping me embark on this transformative journey. Your course has forever changed my perspective, and I am excited to continue applying the lessons learned as I navigate my personal and professional endeavours. Gratefully yours, Ty Stevens
Ty Stevens
Dubaï, UAE
July 2023
Jomo Elg
I have known Julien for half my life now and witnessed his transformational journey over the last decade or so to become a phenomenal life coach. So when our son found himself facing a serious health issue which could potentially have life-changing consequences for him and expressed great doubts about where he was going, what the purpose was of everything that he had initiated and whether he had made the right choices in his young life, we immediately reached out to ask Julien whether he would step in and have a talk with our son…who reluctantly agreed. Julien's insistence that our son needed to make the decision and take the first steps has been crucial in the process that followed. So has his total commitment to keeping things between him and our son confidential, an aspect which was really reassuring as they set out on the path together. Today, our son is in a much better place than he has ever been in his young adult life. The clarity of purpose that he has found through the process and the calm confidence that he has developed is a gift for life!
Jomo Elg
Kolding, Dernmark
April 2023
Lucina Sapone
In the space of just two months, Julien tapped into the deepest part of my ambitions. It probably sounds crazy, but at no time did I think that coaching of this type could bring so many benefits. Through intensive discussions with situational scenarios and a disconcerting look at the world of work, Julien prepared me for the start of my career. How to ace interviews, how to match your ambition to your abilities and how to say no are just a few examples of what I call a real experience. Beyond that, it is also a revelation on the personal side that takes place, as suddenly your short and long-term goals are clear, and everything becomes very simple, leaving time for your passion. I recommend Julien for his expertise but above all for his personal dedication and his commitment to spotlighting each personality.
Lucina Sapone
ESCP Bachelor in Management (Paris, Madrid, Berlin) / ESSEC Master in Marketing and Digital (Singapore)
Singapore, Singapore
March 2023
"Working with Julien is without a doubt one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I was going through the most difficult period of my life, both professionally and personally, when I heard about coaching. Being a high-level triathlete ( 25 hours of sport per week) is honestly not easy and a lot of questions arose about the sacrifices and decisions I was making at the time. Finding meaning in getting up every morning at 5 a.m. and being too worried about my future has caused me to have serious health problems. Thanks to my background and the work that I did at my own pace with Julien, I was able to learn, thanks to his skills, what I wanted to do and why while learning to know how to love the present moment. A few months later, after I started, many of my problems, which many thought could not be solved, disappeared. I consider myself extremely lucky to have met this person who knew how to carry out a real rescue."
Robin Elg
Triathlon Athletes & Student Hong Kong University
Hong Kong, China
December 2022
Victoire Roudault
“Awesome, intriguing, and essential. Personal coaching and the development of my brand have become inseparable, evolving in perfect correlation. … Doing personal development coaching sessions is not as simple as that, you have to know how to push yourself to the limits, you have to be ready to let your unconscious take over your conscious mind and you have to trust yourself first and trust Julien. These sessions have brought me much more than I could imagine. Before that I was ignorant. Clueless about the questions I was asking myself when I was facing me. It is a journey that is not easy, but it turns out to be essential when we want to evolve on healthy foundations and create something that comes from our guts. “Know thyself” this sentence makes sense with Julien’s work. Private coaching and the development of my brand have become indissociable, evolving in perfect correlation.”
Victoire Roudault
Founder & Designer @Maison Initial
Paris, France
June 2019