"Coaching was on my TO DO list for some time, without knowing exactly how I wanted to approach it… there is as much coaching as there are coaches and coachees: the formula is not easy. Then, like a click, the confinement was conducive to this human adventure, an atypical parenthesis. How can you imagine building your future in the midst of a health crisis? This is Julien's recipe: a mix of ingredients that bring together a certified NLP & TLT methodology, his professional experience strongly inspired by luxury codes, his benevolence and his pragmatic non-judgmental approach. Of course, the batteries are recharged, and the course is clear, and above all, as if by magic, the work initiated by Julien allows to take the time to discover and reflect on ourselves. An invaluable gift when we have several hats, when our mental load does not often allow us to have a magic wand to "pause". With Julien, you treat yourself to a well-deserved, enriching break that gives you the energy to move forward! "
Stéphanie Aubry
Retail Business Development Manager @ Piaget
Geneva, Switzerland
September 2020
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