Marie Dulucq
"There are thousands of coaches: as with yoga, I have the impression that everyone around me begins coaching in their forties. It’s probably fashionable, so I told myself - not for me! And even if, how to find a really good one? Then, during a meeting at French Founders in January 2020, I met Julien Fortuit. His background, his personality, his way of speaking with passion about his various activities, and especially his diagnosis of the world of retail that he knows so well, the importance it gives to the training of sellers, make me want to share more with him. I find myself in his values. We started coaching, a real work on my perception of my life, my job, my desire for change. I quickly gained confidence thanks to him and I appreciate his advice which allows me to work better, to better define my choices, in short, to move forward. There are thousands of retails managers. At a time when I thought I was out of fashion; I can now say that I am good at what I do. I do not do yoga, but Pilates, because I found the best teacher 12 years ago and I cannot do without it. I can now say the same thing about Julien, he is a good coach, and today he is essential to me!"
Marie Dulucq
Retail Operations Manager @Wolford
Madrid, Spain
March 2020
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