Laurence Ania
"“Before starting our work my hopes were: 1. To succeed in finding a balance between my professional life and my personal life 2. To gain more self-confidence and learn to better manage my stress What struck me the most was seeing how much Julien invests in his clients. He knows perfectly the person he has in front of him and knows how to make them express their needs, which they had not necessarily identified themselves. He is always very attentive and available, present at each stage of the work and especially in moments of doubt. Finally, his natural empathy allows him to create a real relationship of trust with hisclients, an essential point in coaching work. Our work allowed me to understand that we have all the keys and the answers in ourselves but that we don't know where or how to look. Julien therefore plays the role of the guide, the one who takes us by the hand to take us to seek our answers within ourselves. I also learned that I had accumulated enough experience to be confident in my pro choices and decisions. I felt a release, as if I was getting rid of certain weights to move forward more serenely. In 2 words, Julien has been of invaluable help in allowing me to mobilize my resources and my skills in order to achieve my professional objectives more serenely while respecting my values and priorities. »"
Laurence Ania
Director, Luxury Client Experience @Legrand & Co
Paris, France
December 2019
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