RYE Katie Barker
"The best decision I have made for myself and career was working with Julien. He has helped me to learn and determine that being anxious doesn’t get you anywhere and won’t make you a winner. As a result of Julien’s dedicated time invested in me, I have grown into the strongest point of my career, and levelled up with the experience and communication that I provide my clients. Everything I do at work has a ‘why’ and if it doesn’t serve my career or the ‘need’ of my clientele then it is simply removed from my life. As a result of our work together, my time management, sales, and client relationships are noticeably the best they have ever been. Everything feels like it has just come together for me. What stands out the most to me is the attention to detail that Julien has when he works with me, this is through the constant follow ups and positive messages after the sessions, and how he has really pushed me to discuss and explore things that have made me feel so uncomfortable through noticing tiny behaviours. This has really helped me to understand myself so much better and let go of things."
Katie Barker
Senior Personal Shopper
London, United Kingdom
October 2022
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