RYE Karine Fontana
"I don't want to finish these coaching sessions; I only have one left...I'm waiting for it and pushing it away, both impatiently! I started this coaching without too much conviction because I did not have much information about what it would bring me; then, over the sessions and this, from the first, I took a lot of pleasure! To refocus on ME, what I wanted, what I expected, what I wanted to go, and what I was, MY values. Briefly about me, my values, my goals in respect of ME. Turn to yourself to move forward better and more serenely by discarding MY limiting beliefs! Objective achieved, method assimilated! Thank you, Julien, for your kind listening and for helping me push my limits "beyond" while respecting who I am, understanding myself better, and all in a large group. It feels good, it reboosts, it “energizes”! In short, a “break” in the speed of our very constructive jobs! Thank you again, and if we can push back the last one again so that I still enjoy it, I'm all ears!"
Karine Fontana
Membership Manager, Parnasse (Orange)
Marseille, France
November 2022
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