RYE Eric Mathout
"I was lucky enough to follow the training program chosen by my company : RYE™ - Raise Your Engagement with Julien... A training program that is both about coaching and mentoring and totally different from all those I have followed in the past because of its tailor-made format adapted to each personality. A disruptive format at distance using Zoom but also with physical meetings and WhatsApp over a period of two months and 8 sessions to give way to a practical application of what we have learned and to establish new habits, break our own codes and reveal the best of ourselves. Various tests and questionnaires between sessions allow Julien to establish his personalized coaching adapted to each personality. What did I get out of it in the end? I was able to identify my personal core values in the performance of my duties and determine whether they are consistent with those of my company, which is essential to my well-being and performance... because when the employee's values and those of the company are similar, it is easier to work, there are fewer interpersonal conflicts and therefore less stress... Meeting a coach like Julien is precious because it allows you to know yourself better in order to become a better version of yourself or at least try with the keys he gives you So thank you Julien for your professionalism, your time (which you don't count!), your investment and for making me realize so many things! As far as I am concerned, I can only encourage you to trust Julien and his ability to make you really evolve and gain confidence in yourself with a rare energy and good mood!"
Eric Mathout
Membership Manager, Parnasse (Orange)
Paris, France
November 2022
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