“Tell me and I will forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.” - Chinese proverb (RYE)
RYE – Raise Your Engagement

Sales advancement for luxury brands who understand their sales are directly influenced by their relationships –  with what they do, what they sell, and who they’re selling to.

Imagine this:

  • Staff that deals elegantly and intelligently with everyone who enters your boutique instead of having a reputation for negligent customer service – the little things make a HUGE difference and creates loyalty to your brand.
  • Sales members who’re closing the sale because they’re having fun and loving their job while fostering the client relationship instead of losing the sale because they’re worrying about their numbers.
  • Employees that more naturally push products because they appreciate what they’re selling because they’re knowledgeable and curious about the craftsmanship and art that went into it.
  • Strong, productive teams that take care of each other instead of isolated, stressed out leadership where everything seems to rest on their shoulders and it’s every (wo)man for themselves.
  • Tidy, relevant client records and documentation that forges deep, trusting bonds between client and brand – with the right information, you always know who you’re talking to and don’t risk burning bridges.

Each client I work with receives a highly personalized consultation and action plan based on their individual goals and needs, so the first step is to determine what yours are.

For example, with some clients I may:

  • Organize and/or provide coaching and support throughout your luxury event, so that you’re prepared, all expectations are exceeded, and new devotees are made by developing need, hurry, desire, and trust.
  • Attend and observe your events to identify where there are holes and shortcomings in the overall customer experience, so those can be addressed and so you’re immediately prepared to improve.
  • Assist in finalizing and closing sales, so that million-dollar deals can go through and are not lost in the final hour.
  • Identify problems and train sales teams, so that members are capitalizing on their strengths and closing the deal, helping them understand themselves and the client better, so the experience is more personal.
  • Apply my expertise as an NLP and Time Line Therapy ™ Master Practitioner so that old baggage isn’t affecting the potential for new revenue.
  • Identify the right candidates for certain positions, so they can be advantageously recruited. (And sometimes this isn’t an employee issue, it’s a hiring issue).
  • Help develop empathy for your client base even while you’re discussing numbers – a practice that will help everyone enjoy their job because happy people make happy sales. We exist because the client exists.

Regardless of approach, the results are that you achieve your targets, make your boss happy, build a better future for yourself and your clients, obtain understanding, and deliver your promises – all from onboarding fresh, outside expertise with me, an independent business partner with over 25 years of luxury brand experience.

Sales don’t improve on their own. Schedule your first touch-base meeting today.