“You will find only what you bring in.” - Yoda
YNA – Your Next Adventure

Private coaching for the stifled, creative, mature professional who’s outgrown their position, hit the glass ceiling, and wants to know what’s next – because they know there’s more.

Imagine this:

  • Knowing and feeling excited by your career or entrepreneurial options – instead of feeling trapped by your external circumstances, your company, or your obligations.
  • Having fresh goals and therefore fresh tension in your life that’s energizing and inspiring – instead of being unchallenged, lethargic, and bored.
  • Seeing total clarity around your new mission and confidently discussing your dreams/decisions with friends and loved ones – instead of feeling tongue-tied, ashamed, or naive at your next dinner party.
  • Celebrating and appreciating what feels like a disappointing time in your life – because without disappointment, you’d have no awakening. Also, leaping out of a rut makes for a good story.
  • Taking complete control over your own future and destiny – not biding your time in an inspirationless job you’ve outgrown until you get sacked.
  • Feeling like the creative powerhouse you used to be – instead of sensing you’re wasting your time and potential.

To create your dream business, snag your deserved promotion, become a sought-out designer or artist, leave your stagnant corporate environment and make your career move, you need to make a change.

The only question is, How?
And that’s where I come in.


Each client I work with has a highly personalized experience based on their individual goals and needs, so the first step is to determine what yours are. My thorough questionnaire gets you thinking in ways you never have, gives you a glimpse of just how far we’ll dive to find your map, and helps you to gage the level of your commitment – this service isn’t for everyone…but it is for everyone who’s ready. My initial intake interview is two hours long, a conversation that leaves you with no obligation to buy, but will determine if we’re a good fit, prep you for your next move (with me or otherwise), and allow you to sample the possibilities of what intensive, tailored-to-you coaching can mean for your future and your life.

Awesome, intriguing, and indispensable.

Initially, everything seems a little vague, hazardous and improbable, especially when you consider yourself to be very rational.

These sessions brought me much more than I could imagine. It is a journey that is not easy, but it turns out to be essential when one wants to evolve on healthy bases, and to pretend to create something that comes from our guts.

“Know thyself” this sentence makes sense with Julien’s work. Private coaching and the development of my brand have become indissociable, evolving in perfect correlation.

– VR. Designer

Examples of techniques and what can be addressed:

  • One on one coaching to focus on who you are and what you want to do, so you can begin to implement change.
  • NLP and Timeline Therapy™ Master Practitioner techniques so you let go of old issues that are currently holding you back and preventing you from moving forward.
  • Access to my professional network (when appropriate), which includes contacts in luxury brands around the world, so we can target the right people who need to know you.
  • Completely reshaping the format/mission/content of your CV, infusing it with your newly discovered strengths and objectives, so your next job or career has the environment, responsibilities, challenges, and ideology you desire.
  • Interview prep and salary negotiation coaching, so that you land the job you want at the right price.

And though you may hear a voice that warns the risks are too high or that you’ll fail or that you’ll make the wrong decisions, let me remind you…

“Playing it safe” is how you forgot yourself in the first place.