Julien Fortuit

“My job is to awaken possibility in other people.”

I have over

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of Coaching and Mentoring under my Belt​

If you think you know all there is to know about your life’s potential – you’ve greatly underestimated yourself. 

Julien Fortuit is a veteran of the luxury brand industry (think 20+ years with Chanel), a Business Developer and Inside-Out Coach working in English, Spanish, and French, helping clients take control of their future – by becoming aficionados of common sense. 

Because the ability to read between the lines, think a few steps ahead, and intuit the next course of action is a highly sophisticated advantage.

Plus, if you really want to know something, yourself included, you don’t wait around to be told your answers…you launch a rational inquisition. 

With insurmountable curiosity, a curated line of questioning, and candid logic, Julien creates customized experiences and curriculums (he reads one book a week), that chip away at confusion so you not only have relief from your self doubt – you’re free to take pride and full responsibility of your absolute truths. This is how you gain traction and move forward.  

Because when you know yourself – you know exactly what to do.  

The world is constantly changing. With or without you.

And no amount of mediocrity we stack against it with our short-term strategies, bureaucratic hurdles, or empty marketing campaigns can stop it.

We have to elevate our business imagination as a way of adapting to a world that is asking us to evolve with it…

In turn, this is how we elevate ourselves.

My work as a developer of organisations, and careers involves taking stock of what is, so my clients can reach for what could be. All the while pointing to the opportunities right in front of them, so they have no choice…

But to Leap.

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