Julien Fortuit

“My job is to awaken possibility in other people.”

- Benjamin Zander

Sometimes we create our opportunities, and other times, they come along and present themselves to us.

When I was younger, I knew I wanted to work in luxury goods, so as a student in business school, I found my way into Chanel with a friendly conversation and a pack of Dunhill Light cigarettes.

Over the years, I transitioned from operational marketing to finance control to high-end distribution to customer experience and business development. My resume is pumped with industrious concepts like “exports,” as well as the delicate work of forming partnerships, throwing events with artists, and building the invisible web of my international network.

I’ve worked all over the UK, Europe, North & Latin America, Japan, and most of Asia. A worldview causes you to diversify your portfolio, renew your perspectives, and witness the truth that’s hard to see when bogged down in the murk of corporate dramas and personal lethargy — 

And no amount of mediocrity we stack against it with our short-term strategies, bureaucratic hurdles, or empty marketing campaigns can stop it.

We have to elevate our business imagination as a way of adapting to a world that is asking us to evolve with it…

My work as a developer of organisations, and careers involves taking stock of what is, so my clients can reach for what could be. All the while pointing to the opportunities right in front of them, so they have no choice…

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