The only thing that’s potentially intimidating about clarity is that finally - there’s nothing standing in your way.

Sales Team
Coaching & Mentoring

for premium brands & retailers wanting to
implement a coaching & mentoring practice with their sales teams.

Because once you’re officially amazing
at your job –
there’s no turning back. 

Sales do not improve on their own.
Make better & better sales.

Life & Executive Coaching

A 3 month, Inside-Out and tailor-made personal and professional coaching intensive to quit drifting, get unstuck,
and KNOW (finally) what you’re supposed to do next.

Because enough is enough 

We are FAR more powerful when we know WHO we are and what we have to do next. 

Coaching ​for Students

A 3-month coaching intensive for young adults wanting to be the 3% of their generation who know THEMSELVES so they can get their ideal education, make the right decisions, and land the right career.

(P.s., MOST adults wish they had this when they were young.)

Original & non-Conformist

Business Development Coaching & Mentoring

For professionals and creatives who want
to b
ecome a brand that inspires. 

A tailor-made program to your business needs and goals, so you are always taking smart, actionable steps to grow your brand. 

Send me an email and I’ll be in touch within 48 hours to schedule our call:

Julien Fortuit

Meet Julien

Why would anyone need a Life Performance coach…..?

Because the breakthrough you seek won’t reveal itself while you’re on the hamster wheel of your own thoughts. It’s no secret high performance athletes, execs, investors, etc use coaching to get through mental blocks. You can too. And it’ll be the best decision you’ve made in a very long time.

If you want to change your team, your career, your trajectory, but don’t know where or how to begin – First, you gather data, and then… you start asking VERY GOOD questions.

I have over

0 + hours

of Coaching and Mentoring under my Belt​

with Julien Fortuit

The ITE Method requires a 3 month engagement and consists of 3 phases: WHO are you? WHERE are you going? and NOW let go. (Warning: clients typically feel different in 2-3 weeks. That’s the confidence creeping in ;).

Phase 1

WHO are you?

Begins with a sequence of specific, highly regarded tests – VAKOG, Spiral Dynamics, and Gallup – because no single test is the holy grail. Different tests offer different information, and used together (and in the proper order), they create a 3-dimensional concept of your inner landscape, which is the very landscape we build on.

Something to keep in mind: The problem with “personality tests” is they’re treated like crystal balls, rather than utilized like tools for further understanding. You have to know how to read them, apply them, arrange them, capitalize off of them, and essentially use them to your advantage, not wear your scores like an ID tag. They don’t tell you who you are; they shed light on how you learn, what you care about, and how you make decisions.

This phase also involves a series of hand-picked questionnaires I’ve collected, expanded on, or created over the years; I update this collection every quarter. You’ll likely be introduced to 5 that fit your individual needs, plus you’ll receive a curated reading and video list (tailored to you) that accompanies your 1:1 personalized coaching.

As we collect information and datapoints, the real enquiry begins.


Phase 2

WHERE are you going?

Is where we interrogate your answers and hit and dissolve mental blocks at the same time that we goal-set in a specific, intentional way that crafts your PURPOSE. Not only is your purpose clearly revealed, but the vague path toward it is dismantled into visible, achievable steps. In short, the clarity and answers you want are within you; once you know what they are, getting to them becomes much easier.

Change requires restructuring your life which requires a different relationship with (and likely new beliefs about) TIME, which we’ll explore – Where does my time go? Where does it not go? What replenishes my energy and what drains it? How can I improve my relationship/belief to TIME to get what I want? This is, by far, a more interesting conversation than “work-life balance.”

What Ifs, Why Nots, Can’ts, and Shouldn’ts, Victimhood, and Blaming arise during this phase. Complaining and fretting are totally natural, yet there’s a difference between doing it for 5 minutes vs. 5 years. You can get caught in complaint and victimhood. You can also get caught in good fortune, excitement, and gratitude. The latter is where you want to be.


Phase 3

NOW let go!

Is where goal implementation is happening, rewiring has started, and you’re testing your new insight, goals, and perspectives in the real world. The irony is that once you take a serious look at yourself….you can take yourself less seriously. Because you’ve been FREED from your spiraling and are actively living your purpose.

As this phase proceeds, we work on flexibility, adaptability, and readiness. If applicable, we work on resumes, interview skills, and what is and isn’t ACCEPTABLE in your life. (This includes big conversations around money and financial goals).

You’ll be given a productivity planner to keep track of your mind and your progress.

FUN is mandatory.


More About Julien

Julien Fortuit is a Life Performance Coach with a former, 25 year international career in high end sales, business development, operational marketing, and events management at Chanel. Many years, over 10 certifications & accreditation, and 4,000 + hours of client coaching & mentoring later, his clients range from corporate sales teams to individual executives, to entrepreneurs, and to students leaving or entering University.

There are many areas in life to get stuck, and there are just as many areas to get unstuck. To move through challenge with grace, confidence, and motivation is a huge gift and a mighty advantage. And it’s available to anyone who’s curious about themselves and open to interrogating their most unconscious beliefs.

Julien lives in Madrid with his family. His client base stretches across Europe & Africa, North & Latin America, and Asia. Expats are always welcome. He works in English, French, and Spanish. His personal mottos are ABL (Always Be Learning) and ABT (Always Be Testing), and he’d love to extend those mottos – and their benefits – to you.

  • Julien ranked Top 21 Coaches in London in 2022 (Influence Digest)
  • He’s a member and contributor to the Forbes Coaches Council Expert Panel
  • He’s a Fellow, Institute of Coaching, McLean Hospital, a Harvard Medical School affiliate
  • And he’s an Executive Contributor Expert Panel in Brainz Magazine

Giving back:

  • My work requires travel, and I’m obligated (and proud) to cover my carbon print with the Public Benefit Corporation, Wren.
  • I support Wikipedia to maintain a safe place for free, integrative
  • And I’m a doner at Sightsavers, so children keep their eyesight and autonomy, free of treatable visual disabilities.