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Julien Fortuit is an expat of the corporate world, a veteran purveyor of coveted, luxury goods, and the creator of a dynamic agency that believes in the pragmatism of the visionary thinker, and affirms we’ll never build the businesses of our dreams –  

Without first waking up from the one we’re in. 

The average company culture perpetuates the status quo, alienates its citizens from their inherent brilliance, and impedes change. Julien’s work addresses this lack of imagination by pointing out its weak grip on reality. Because it’s visionary ideals that actually move the world forward.  

By championing positive relationships, meaningful experiences, sustainable practices, fresh ideas, and the artful execution of work and sales, Julien is able to develop careers, and organisations that progress an ever-changing planet.  

In a world that boasts of its ingenuity, but fuels its own unhappiness, the gig is up. There’s a new culture that businesses will also be responsible for creating.  

And it’s already under construction by those who’ve stepped outside the norm to develop it.