Insight Through Enquiry

The only thing that’s potentially intimidating about clarity is that finally - there’s nothing standing in your way.

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Inside -Out Coaching

A 3 month, Inside-Out and tailor-made personal and professional coaching intensive to quit drifting, get unstuck,
and KNOW (finally) what you’re supposed to do next.

Because enough is enough 

We are FAR more powerful when we know WHO we are and what we have to do next. 

Your Next Adventure

Original & non-Conformist

Business Development Coaching & Mentoring

For professionals and creatives who want
to b
ecome a brand that inspires. 

A tailor-made program to your business needs and goals, so you are always taking smart, actionable steps to grow your brand. 

Sales Team
Coaching & Mentoring

for premium brands & retailers wanting to
implement a coaching & mentoring practice with their sales teams.

Because once you’re officially amazing
at your job –
there’s no turning back. 

Sales do not improve on their own.
Make better & better sales.

You understand you’re
the seeker of a new direction.

And my job is to prove to you…
you’re also the map.

Send me an email and I’ll be
in touch within 48 hours to schedule
our call:

Julien Fortuit

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If you think you know all there is to know about your life’s potential – you’ve greatly underestimated yourself. 

Julien Fortuit is a veteran of the luxury brand industry (think 20+ years with Chanel), a Business Developer and Inside-Out Coach working in English, Spanish, and French, helping clients take control of their future – by becoming aficionados of common sense. 

Because the ability to read between the lines, think a few steps ahead, and intuit the next course of action is a highly sophisticated advantage.

Plus, if you really want to know something, yourself included, you don’t wait around to be told your answers…you launch a rational inquisition. 

With insurmountable curiosity, a curated line of questioning, and candid logic, Julien creates customized experiences and curriculums (he reads one book a week), that chip away at confusion so you not only have relief from your self doubt – you’re free to take pride and full responsibility of your absolute truths. This is how you gain traction and move forward.  

Because when you know yourself – you know exactly what to do.