WORD GLUE – Louise Karsh
WORD GLUE - Find Your Million Dollar Brand Name
By Louise Karsh
Date Read: April 2020
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My Mark: 10/10

I met Louise in 2019 during Seth Godin's The Marketing Seminar (online). She introduced me to several great coaching concepts at that time and was a wonderful coach during these 6 months. Yep The MArketing Seminar lasts 6 months! Transformative. So it was only logical that when her first book came in I bought, read and USE it to name my soon-to-come Book.

Some other friends also bought it. There is a supplement of Soul here - probably why the Great Ken Segall did the Foreword (the guy who named iMac)... 'nuff said


The Pitch:

In the attention economy, your brand name has two-seconds to get noticed. You can't afford a band name. Word Glue provides the naming principles and practices so you and your team can find sticky brand names in ten minutes or less. The right name is worth a fortune.