WHEN THINGS FALL APART – Heart Advice for Difficult Times
WHEN THINGS FALL APART - Heart Advice for Difficult Times
By Pema Chödrön
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My Mark: 10+/10

I personally listened to this book throughout 2020, earlier this year (along with FULLY ALIVE by the same author). Instead of doing meditation, or during stretching exercises  I would listen to her and it was a great way to reflect on what we have been going through since March in Europe.

A must-read for me!


The Pitch:

Pema Chödrön's perennially best-selling classic on overcoming life's difficulties cuts to the heart of spirituality and personal growth and makes for a perfect addition to one's spiritual library.

How can we live our lives when everything seems to fall apart - when we are continually overcome by fear, anxiety, and pain? The answer, Pema Chödrön suggests, might be just the opposite of what you expect. Here, in her most beloved and acclaimed work, Pema shows that moving <i>toward </i>painful situations and becoming intimate with them can open up our hearts in ways we never before imagined. Drawing from traditional Buddhist wisdom, she offers life-changing tools for transforming suffering and negative patterns into habitual ease and boundless joy.

Derek Sivers awesome Review and Notes of the Book.