THE WAR OF ART - Break Through The Blocks & Win Your Inner Creative Battles
By Steven Pressfield
Date Read: June 2017
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My Mark: 10+/10 (it’s not a mistake this book is a MUST!)

One of the first book I read when I launch my agency right before started the Alt-MBA in the summer 2017.

I read it again every 6 months since then. It is quick, brilliant and VERY useful to understand how to beat your Lizard Brain or, as he calls it The Resistance !!!


The Pitch:

Read this one first (Steven wrote Several Books – see bottom of the page for additional materials).

It identifies the enemy—what I call Resistance with a capital “R,” i.e. fear, self-doubt, procrastination, perfectionism, all the forms of self-sabotage that stop us from doing our work and realising our dreams. Start here. Everything else proceeds from this.

Steve Pressfield has written the most important book I’ve ever read on creativity and why it doesn’t happen. The resistance is the most profound force in the life of the artist, the writer and the leader, and Steve has given it a name and called it out.

In this short book, Steven sells a very important and simple idea. We are victims of the resistance, an almost irresistible force in our lizard brain that shouts out our genius and pushes us to fit in instead. Once you recognise the resistance and know its name, this knowledge will change you (for the better).” Seth Godin


Derek Sivers awesome Review and Notes of the Book.


Additional Material:

Start with

and in case of doubt Do The Work with Foreword by Seth Godin. Helloo!!!!

All by the same author are worth every single minute of your time.