THE MAGIC OF METAPHOR - 77 Stories For Leaders, Speakers & Motivators
By Nick Owen
Date Read: September 2018
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My Mark: 10/10

You can read this book over and over. I highly recommend to buy a paperback copy so you can take note about WHEN you can use this metaphor in your personal or professional life … and how you can make it more personal for your kids, family, friends and colleagues.

The stories are beautiful and highly inspiring. I read this book every year once to remind me of how powerful a metaphor can be.


The Pitch:

This work is a collection of stories designed to engage, inspire and transform the listener and the reader.

Some of the stories motivate, some are spiritual, and some provide strategies for excellence.

All set out to promote positive feelings, encouraging confidence, direction and vision.

The stories contained in “The Magic of Metaphor” focus on values, responsibility, and leadership in all its forms.

They have been specially selected to promote change in people’s ideas, attitudes, beliefs, visions and behaviours. These stories act as reframes, challenging and disturbing our existing frames of reference, recharting our accustomed maps of the world, and shifting us away from our limited thinking towards new learning and discovery through the use of effective metaphor.

As a result, we are encouraged to understand our world from a new perspective, and are provided with powerful ways to generate greater choice in our lives.

Containing 16 suggestions (or tips) for effective storytelling, advice on organisation, style and storytelling skills, and a selection of stories that can be adapted and developed, this work is a sourcebook for counsellors, health workers, psychologists, professional speakers, managers, leaders and NLP practitioners, as well as for teachers, trainers, therapists.


Additional Material:


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