THE CHIMP PARADOX – Prof Steve Peters
THE CHIMP PARADOX - The Mind Management
By Prof Steve Peters
Date Read: October 2016
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My Mark: 8/10

A great breakthrough. Prof Steve Peters made the GB Cyclist Team an Olympic success thanks to his method. I attended a couple of workshops too yet it was impossible to put this in practice alone since the Chimp and other gremlins were ready to give me a hard time. It was easier to have a coach. Still a great book.


The Pitch:

Do you sabotage your own happiness and success? Are you struggling to make sense of yourself? Do your emotions sometimes dictate your life?

The Chimp Paradox is an incredibly powerful mind management model that can help you become a happy, confident, healthier and more successful person. Prof Steve Peters explains the struggle that takes place within your mind and then shows how to apply this understanding to every area of your life so you can:

- Recognise how your mind is working
- Understand and manage your emotions and thoughts
- Manage yourself and become the person you would like to be

The Chimp Mind Management Model is based on scientific facts and principles, which have been simplified into a workable model for easy use. It will help you to develop yourself and give you the skills, for example, to remove anxiety, have confidence and choose your emotions. The book will do this by giving you an understanding of the way in which your mind works and how you can manage it. It will also help you to identify what is holding you back or preventing you from having a happier and more successful life.

Each chapter explains different aspects of how you function and highlights key facts for you to understand. There are also exercises for you to work with. By undertaking these exercises you will see immediate improvements in your daily living and, over time, you will develop emotional skills and practical habits that will help you to become the person that you want to be, and live the life that you want to live.