THE ARTIST’S JOURNEY - The Wake Of The Hero’s Journey & The Lifelong Pursuit Of Meaning
By Steven Pressfield
Date Read: October 2019
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My Mark: 10+/10

I loved this book. Of all the books I read in 2019 (and that’s quite a few), this is in my top 3.

I cannot explain how many pages have incredible content. A great book to get in the Flow to produce your best work & make Art.


The Pitch:

On our artist’s journey, we move past Resistance and past self-sabotage.

We discover our true selves and our authentic calling, and we produce the works we were born to create.

You are an artist too—whether you realise it or not, whether you like it or not—and you have an artist’s journey.

Will you live it out?

Will you follow your Muse and do the work you were born to do?

Ready or not, you are called.


Additional Material:

Start with

and in case of doubt Do The Work with Foreword by Seth Godin. Helloo!!!!

All by the same author are worth every single minute of your time.