THE ACCIDENTAL CREATIVE - How to Be Brilliant at a Moment's Notice
By Todd Henry
Date Read: February 2020
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My Mark: 7/10

The most amazing first 30 pages describing the creative process.


The Pitch:

It isn't enough to just do your job anymore. In order to thrive in today's marketplace, all of us, regardless of our role, have to be ready to generate brilliant ideas on demand. Business creativity expert Todd Henry explains how to establish effective practices that unleash your creative potential. Born out of his consultancy and his popular podcast, Henry has created a practical method for discovering your personal creative rhythm. He focuses on five key elements:

  • Focus: Begin with your end goal in mind.
  • Relationships: Build stimulating relationships and ideas will follow.
  • Energy: Manage it as your most valuable resource.
  • Stimuli: Structure the right "inputs" to maximize creative output.
  • Hours: Focus on effectiveness, not efficiency.

This is a guide for staying inspired and experiencing greater creative productivity than you ever imagined possible.