MARKETING A LOVE STORY - How to Matter to Your Customers
By Bernadette Jiwa
Date Read: January 2021
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My Mark: 9/10

Very useful one-page marketing plan and lots of useful reminders and questions. Short, to the point. No BS, just plenty of useful reminders.

The Pitch:

"Bernadette's back, and just in time. This is her finest work, a book that ought to be read by everyone on your team, and somehow hidden from your competitors."—SETH GODIN

One of the biggest challenges we face, as entrepreneurs and innovators, is understanding how to make our ideas resonate.

In Marketing: A Love Story: How to Matter to Your Customers, Bernadette Jiwa provides a comprehensive description of how to be successful as a business. The primary audience is smaller businesses and entrepreneurs, however, the book has truth for every company no matter how large or how small.