FLOW – Living at the Peak of Your Abilities
FLOW - Living at the Peak of Your Abilities
By Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
Date Read: March 2020

My Mark: 10+/10

Clearly in my top 10 books of all time! I could not stop reading, I got in the Flow in 1 page. Stunning experience and analysis on how to trigger more beautiful experiences! Really amazing. Planning to read it again soon!


The Pitch:

In flow, the everyday experience becomes a moment by moment opportunity for joy and self-fulfilment. Flow is the brainchild of a fascinating psychologist, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, a renowned social scientist who has devoted his life's work to the study of what makes people truly happy, satisfied, and fulfilled. While much of the study of psychology investigates disorders of the human mind, Dr Csikszentmihalyi takes a different route. He focuses on the noble side of human nature, our capacity for living a life of integrity, courage, and perseverance. With his landmark research on flow, he reveals what he considers beautiful in life, ways of being, and behaving that make people happy, satisfied, and delighted to be alive. His insights into the "flow experience" show ways to lessen stress, fear, and anxiety while increasing feelings of challenge, joy, and excitement. The revolutionary findings of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi's Experience Sampling Method offer unprecedented information about the specific ways we can turn life into a continuous high-quality experience. You'll discover how anyone can enrich his or her quality of life simply by learning how flow occurs and what it feels like. You'll learn about the key elements of the flow experience including:

  • why it is important to know what you want to do in any given moment
  • specific activities you can do that produce flow easily and naturally
  • how to improve your experience of work so you feel in control and rewarded by it
  • keys to harnessing the power of concentration
  • the difference between pleasure and enjoyment (only one leads to personal growth)
  • how to match challenges with skills to avoid boredom and frustration and maximize enjoyment

Once you experience the exhilaration of the "flow" state of being, you'll want to return again and again.

And a great Mind Map Book Summary, thanks to the most clever Ethan Schwandt - The Mind Map Guy.


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