DEAR CLIENT - This Book Will Teach You What You Want From Creative People.
By Bonnie Siegler
Date Read: May 2019
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My Mark: 8/10

A beautiful and very useful example on practicing Empathy.

If you are the Creative person you can explain how to best work with you (ie get the best result whilst thriving doing what you do best).

If you are to work with Creative people and you want to get the best of their Creative brain and get them excited, do more than what you pay for, I highly recommend that book too!

Plus, it’s probably the most explicit book cover I know!


The Pitch:

In this practical, easy-to-follow guide for the client in a creative collaboration, Bonnie Siegler, an eminent graphic designer, directs the reader with a light hand through the pitfalls that often occur between client and creative professional.

Her advice is nonjudgmental, with a sense of authority derived from working with clients such as Oprah and Saturday Night Live.