BOOKMERCIAL MARKETING - Why Books Replace Brochures In The Credibility Age
By Victor Cheng
Date Read: May 2020
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My Mark:  8/10

A good concept, he must be the first one to come up with it. No rocket science AND very useful in WHY this is a great tool to sell WHAT you do and most importantly, WHO you are and the services you want to offer


The Pitch:


Studies show that the average person sees 3,000 ads a day.

Truth is, they ignore these ads. Your customers are fed up with traditional sales materials. They routinely tune out ads, junk mail, cold calls, and brochures.

Customers want to make well-informed buying decisions, but they're overwhelmed. To cope, they desperately search for credible experts to help them make sense of this information overload. Credibility and trust have become priceless assets.

CEOs and marketing executives must transform their company's image, becoming the industry experts that customers notice and seek out. Traditional sales materials can't create this perception-but publishing a book can.

You must publish first, teach second, and sell third. It's the fastest and most effective way to establish credibility, build trust, and increase sales-in that order, because that's the sequence by which prospects buy. So it ought to be the sequence you use to market and sell.

Bookmercial Marketing shows you how.