ANYTHING YOU WANT - 40 Lessons For A New Kind Of Entrepreneur
By Derek Sivers
Date Read: May 2018
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My Mark: 9/10

Great read!

I really enjoyed the way he explain where his idea came from in the first place and how he adapted his strategy, leadership/management along with his personal goals.


The Author’s pitch:

In this book, I tell you everything I learned from starting, growing, and selling CD Baby, compressed into an entertaining and useful one-hour read.

No secrets held back, I share the biggest mistakes, keys to its success, and the philosophies behind the big decisions.

Called “40 lessons for a new kind of entrepreneur”, it’s 10 years of experience in one hour, designed to be immediately usable for your own business or project.

Anything You Want is a business book like no other. Derek Sivers built a business a different way, a human way. He did it with no investment and a series of apparently crazy principles. And they work. They worked for him and they might work for you. A brilliant book.” Seth Godin


Additional Material:

Check his TedTalks and profile page for more.