A SLAP ON THE FACE William Irvine
A SLAP ON THE FACE - Why Insults Hurt - and Why They Shouldn't
By William Irvine
Date Read: August 2020
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My Mark: 9/10

Great insight on why and how you react to Insult and aggression. Not because of what is said but because of what it triggers in you, in your beliefs and values...

Very creative!

Also check one of his other books: A Guide to the Good Life


The Pitch:

Insults are part of the fabric of daily life. But why do we insult each other? Why do insults cause us such pain? Can we do anything to prevent or lessen this pain? Most importantly, how can we overcome our inclination to insult others?

In A Slap in the Face, William Irvine undertakes a wide-ranging investigation of insults, their history, the role they play